Mandatory information on the real estate agent’s website

According to article XII.6. §1 of the Code of Economic Law and Article 20 of the Code of Ethics, real estate agents are required to communicate the following information on their website:

  • Name of the office: Anixton SRL/BV
  • Address of the office: Avenue de Broqueville 12, 1150 Brussels, Belgium
  • Telephone: +32 2 721 99 19
  • E-mail address:
  • Company number (Crossroads Bank for Enterprises), preceded by the letters “VAT BE” if the activities carried out are subject to VAT: VAT BE 0880.036.656
  • Name of the insurance company covering professional third party liability and surety and the number of the insurance contract: Professional third party liability and surety via AXA Belgium SA/NV – Policy no. 730.390.160
  • Contact details of the supervisory authority: IPI-BIV (Institut Professionnel des agents Immobiliers / BeroepsInstituut van Vastgoedmakelaars / Professional institute of real estate agents), Rue du Luxembourg 16B Luxemburgstraat, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
  • Professional title: real estate agent intermediary, number IPI 502529
  • Country in which the approval was granted: Belgium
  • Link to the code of ethics of the IPI-BIV (Professional institute of real estate agents)