To make informed choices for the buildings you select, manage and/or operate, you need a business partner’s advice:

  • The best quality/cost ratio
  • Within your budget and time-scale
  • The right type of building
  • Environmentally friendly from construction to operation, flexible and re-usable
  • Strict procedures to avoid any risk of contestation

This may require a market search to find a suitable building or advice to commission a new construction.

For the public interest, you would want to know that you have received the very best advice, made the most suitable choice and will be able to operate efficiently, effectively and inexpensively.

Belgian law on public tenders does not apply to transactions to acquire or let existing buildings. However, with a desire for transparency and objectivity, Anixton manages all public sector dossiers according to the general principles of Belgian and European law, which also avoids any risk of contestation.

This is why we say ‘Tenant Representation’. We represent you, not the landlord, not us… just YOU.